Having started in the early 2000’s as a Groovetrotter family fun weekend project it quickly became apparent that “the kids” had a bit more than just average talent and drive when it came to playing music. Once having gotten past the initial learning phase and the guys having picked their favorite instruments the Groovetrotters started composing mainly instrumental music. Weekend jam sessions outdoors under a palapa just yards away from the Pacific Ocean attracted quite a stir in the community and before long regular gigs became a normal part of life. Weddings, parties, restaurants and hotels among other venues. It soon was apparent that this whole project could become a very serious lifestyle. And this it has become. Full time music makers.

Essentially all of the music has one solid ingredient: FUNK! Even though some of the Groovetrotters tunes are instrumental compositions, discovering his singing talent, their at the time 16 year old bass player decided not only to add vocals to the act, but try his hand at song writing as well. The rest of the crew joined the effort and currently they have a repertoire of 60+ original songs and counting. Genres range from Jazz to Reggae, Blues, Rock, Funk and Fusion.

It is incredible to witness a Groovetrotters live-performance, especially to experience the “magic” this awesome band brings to the stage.











Claude Groovetrotter:

From the time he was a year and a half old his parents knew they had an up and coming drummer. When his dad, a drummer at the time, practiced, Claude would not rest until he managed to sit on his fathers lap with the drum-sticks in hand.

Currently 14 years of age and being the youngest member of the band, his skill level surpasses that of many a drummer much older and with years of experience.

When Claude performs, his relaxed boyish smile and rock solid beats make you feel “the magic”. When he is given the solo he amazes with great finesse, speed and control.

When he sings and plays at the same time you are going to be in awe.











Pierre Groovetrotter:

Being gifted an African drum for his birthday by a friend it was fun to see the rhythmic ideas that Pierre, now 16 created without any coaching at all. This led to the purchase of a set of Congas for his following birthday and later to the addition of timbales and bongos.

Pierre impresses with complex rhythms and back-up vocals. His impeccable sense for timing and groove make him stand out. When he solos it is impossible to sit still. The fusion of Afro-Cuban and Latin grooves brings the spice so necessary to complement the Groovetrotters magic.

Pierre’s percussions are also part of the Groovetrotters Unplugged experience.











Jerome Groovetrotter:

Having started as the drummer for the original band (a power trio), Jerome, now 18 developed a special interest in the keyboards. Being heavily influenced by the likes of Herbie Hancock and George Duke he dove head-first into the 100’s of hours of practice and research. His electrifying yet controlled command of the keys is nothing short of astounding. Never repetitive or boring, his solo style crescendos into tense peaks that will send goose-bumps down you spine every time, leaving you wanting to hear more. It is true magic.











BJ Groovetrotter:

Now 20, BJ is an especially talented young man. Being drawn to his dad’s bass playing at a very young age; it would not be long before he pushed him out of his favorite instrument. BJ who is heavily influenced by bass player Markus Miller as well as Nathan East and Victor Wooten, has developed an incredibly solid bass style with remarkable confidence when he performs. From picking to slapping he treats your ears to a feast not easily forgotten. The groove is magic!

In addition he is the lead singer for the Groovetrotters, with great range and a deeply soulful yet unique and original voice.

BJ is also the lead singer for Groovetrotters Unplugged experience.











Marcel Groovetrotter:

With the vision and passion of owning a band, Marcel finally “produced” the Groovetrotters together with his wife of now 20 years.

Originally mainly a bass-man and drummer he took on the guitar 7 years ago after his sons and band members took over those instruments. While learning the guitar he taught his boys the basics and then helped them along to a proficiency level from which they are now excelling.

Very influential were Carlos Santana, BB King, Albert King, Slash and others. You will be drawn to the soulful expression of his guitar. Funky lines and rhythms, that will move you literally and physically.

Though being the leader Marcel is an integrated member of his band that blends almost undetectable. Once again it is true magic – a family band unlike what you have ever seen!

Marcel is the guitarist for the Groovetrotters Unplugged experience.